3 types of best podcast cover art

Now a days the podcast cover art is very attractive medium to communication. The podcast cover art is the first thing which can listener see.

Podcasting becomes a very usual way now d days. Two or three groups of peoples select a specific topic and talk around this topic in the podcast.

Why we need the best podcast cover art size?

When the group of people doing podcasting then cover is the first thing which can attract audience first when listeners search on the different platform. If the podcast cover is unique then listeners tune this podcast.

Requirements for podcast covers:

limitation can make more creative. They force you to think about what you are really need to convey your cover art.

The very first restriction is podcast directories like Itunes, stitcher, Soundcloud, Google play. luckily all these platforms have the same requirements.

Podcast cover art Dimension:

Podcast contains artwork is a minimum size is 1400 by 1400 and ist maximum size is the 3000 by 3000 in 72 dpi resolution with the different file extension, for example, JPEG, PNG or any other recommended extension.

There are six basics elements for podcast cover art. line, shape, texture, framing, color, type. In this way you can defines your Design style.

When someone comes to a podcast, the first impression they get from the cover artwork. There are multiple ways to make a podcast cover art but we can get a perfect cover by hiring a podcast cover art designer.

The designer make the eye catchy cover in adobe photoshop or adobe illustrator, professional designer places your image professionally and put the text in the right manner.

sometimes you have a very awesome artwork, you have a very interesting topic and you have some amazing guest which is expert in this field. That’s all matter right? I think you are missing some things if you have a bad podcast cover that is not conveying your message properly you can not engage the audience and all your work is lost. let’s talk about the process of how we can get the cover art.

Many people get a podcast logo and they are representing as covert art. But the different platform having different dimensions for cover and many of them putting the logo in the cover art which looks unprofessional.

Your logo in one of the elements of cover, logo just represent the visual identity to your brand and your cover art has more than one elements such as your main topic, logo, art which represent your topic and the text maximum in two types.