5 Qualities of best podcast cover art

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best Podcast cover art is a visual impression or an icon of a podcast, a listener goes through while browsing  for a podcast.

It is a famous saying that doesn’t judge a book by its cover. But it has nothing to do in the case of podcast cover. Listeners judge through its cover. And if they find it catchy then they will go for it otherwise they will just scroll it.

The podcast is all about engaging your listeners for an hour and then making them loyal to listening to you again. Your talk is the secondary thing to engage them. The first thing they will look up to is the cover art of your podcast.

It’s the artwork that will inspire them before they jump to listening. When listeners of podcasts are browsing on a certain platform, they will surely go for the one that will catch their eyes. All new listeners will click on your podcast just to have a look at your podcast cover. And also it’s the podcast cover that will help out to get featured on iTunes. So all these aspects are clearly describing the importance of podcast covers.

Now representing your sound through artwork on your cover is not that easy and requires a high degree of practice.

In general, the dimensions of the podcast cover should be 3000 *3000 pixels which contain an aspect ratio of 1:1. The podcast cover should be in PNG and JPG files. Using vibrant colors in cover art draws the attention of a large audience.

The podcast cover should reflect the idea that you are going to discuss in your podcast. So one can make it simple, funny or artistic but the thing to notice is that it should be in a way that attracts more listeners.

Using text in podcast cover is high in practice. One can mention the topic or title. The text should be simple, readable, and short. And also using the right font style is important as it’s going to depict your feelings.  Using vibrant colors in podcast cover art will make your podcast pop up and surely stands out from all others. Warm colors associate with energy and that’s what your listeners are expecting from you.

Another technique is used nowadays while designing podcast cover and its storytelling. Storytelling in podcasts can make your listeners stop and listen even without using a single text in the cover art.

While designing a cover, first thing is to be clear about the topic you are going to discuss in the podcast. After evaluating that what your podcast is really about, you need to be as specific as possible.

The requirements mentioned by directories like google play and iTunes are to be followed while designing a podcast cover art. In fact these restrictions make you more specific about your content.

Photography trends in cover art are making your podcast feel more real and that’s a key for engaging the audience. You can also choose to add illustrations.

As the is all about auditory and there is nothing about visuals but here podcast cover is the only thing through which you can attract and influence your listeners.