How to get a professional caricature online

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It is very common for most people to turn themselves into cartoon caricature from photo. caricatures and cartoons, in graphic art, comically distorted the drawing, or likeness, done by cartoon caricature maker.

The only way gets fast delivery of caricature is to do the order cartoon caricature online.

How to get cartoon caricature online

We can make the cartoon caricature for free from different apps but this app to get caricature is not done the cartoonish professionally. So We can get the professional caricature if we spend some bucks.

In the Freelance market, we can get very professional cartoon drawing artists. these artist are belong to different countries and make cartoon caricature from photo in 24 hours.

In this above image there are two types of images one is the simple proportion drawing and the business of two of them having big head and body is small as compared to head. this is an example of a big head caricature drawing.

How to do cartoon caricature drawing:

Cartoon caricature online drawing can be made on adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop, clip studio paint for caricature art. caricature art start from the linework can be done from adobe illustrator or adobe photoshop much recommended.

When the caricature artist gets the approval of linework then does coloring, most of the time the freelance gets the photo to caricature. The artist use photo to caricature for drawing of facial expression.

How many types of caricature art

There are several caricature art. The Big head caricature, super hero caricature, couples caricature, office caricature, group caricatures and many more.