Family Caricature drawing from Photographs

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Family Caricature drawing, creating a somewhat distorted cartoon character is not everyone’s cup of tea. But some people got the ability to exploit images in a humorous way. These artists can make their profession in the field of caricature art just being in the comfort of their homes. There are so many specialized artists out there who can be employed to make a family caricature drawing of oneself.

Aspiring caricature line drawing can join art schools where skills are further polished. All great caricaturists have got some sort of education in this field to study the basics of the art. A graphic design degree can also help one to build a profession in this field.

Making of Family caricature drawing:

Some Family caricature drawing caricaturists are also working as freelance independent artists. While there are some who visit parties and tourism spots and make caricatures of guests and visitors.

Publishers of Magazines and newspapers hire caricature artists for making political cartoons character for their magazines. Apart from just making caricatures, these artists can also find side jobs in related fields like tattoo artists, painters, ceramic artists, and many more.

As caricature line drawing is all about fun and entertainment so the key is creating a humorous representation of the subject. This can be added by exaggerating some features in a humorous way. For example, if someone has a big nose or large ears then making them extra large while designing a caricature cartoon character would add a lot of fun. So the point is to recognize the elements that are already pronounced in the subject and then comically exaggerating them.

Making caricature background:

If we talk about the caricature background art, it shouldn’t pop up or convey something different from the actual subject. Rather the subject and the background should be in a harmony to convey the message.

 Try to keep it simple and it should in a way that helps out the actual art to narrate the story or emotions described in the art. There are so many backgrounds in practice. Some artists use simple colored background while some go for black and white. A lot of drawing requires adding scenery in the background to locate the art at a certain place or time. One can opt for a background as per the situation required.

Making funny caricatures

Turning a female into a cartoon character might prove hard for someone because there arises a problem of sexualizing it. A funny caricatures where the key is to exaggerate or simplify the character, we often see the family caricature drawing in just one way.

We have to stick to that most common way, not because of the feminine features that make them different from males but because they are traditionally associated with females. So one needs to consider some factors while amplifying a female facials feature or the body. A female facial art usually comes in an oval shape.  You just can’t exaggerate every feature. Then comes a difference while designing waistline. So all these points need to be kept in mind while designing a female caricature.

The all artwork made in adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop, digitally hand drawn not using any kind of plugin or cheat this work, these all the artwork which present as sample which caricaturespro made for different international clients, you can check our portfolio.

Family caricature drawing is fun, all the family members turn in to cartoon and these type of gift present on different occasion, such as birthday gift, wedding card family caricature drawing, super hero caricature and many more. many caricatures artist working on different platforms.