Top famous caricature artists history

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In this article we are discussing famous artists, The caricature has become the most famous genre in the field of fine arts nowadays. And are regularly using to poke fun at public figures. cartoon art was as popular in the 16 and 17th centuries as it is in today’s era. But it finds its origin in the 1590s in Italy. The word caricature has derived from the Italian word caricare which means “to exaggerate”. An Italian artist firstly used this word for an exaggerated sketch that he created himself.

Then it took hundreds of years for artists to recognize these caricatures as a form of art and creating a perfect form of abstract art. Artists of the Late middle ages who have drawn sketches of biomorphic animals are also supposed to be caricaturists.

History of caricature with Famous caricature artists:

In 1674, art was set as a profession. By that time people started making their living through this art. In the 1700s, some caricaturists from Italy moved to America and this way caricature art started being recognized away from its country of origin. In the 18th century, caricature art became famous in America, France, and Britain. By that time artists started making caricatures of people in resemblance with things like fruits and animals. In France, caricature art became popular mainly in the 19th century. After First World War, when there was a significant increase in the growth of newspapers and magazines, Artists started making cartoon caricatures of politicians and public figures as a source of amusement and revolutionary purposes.

As art has been in practice very long, there have been many great caricaturists over these years. If we talk about the artists of Italy from where this art originates, Archille Superbi is one of the renowned caricaturists. He has a very unique style and has worked for so many TV shows and magazines. Cindy Vega is a Latin caricaturist who loves to play with colors. She focuses on the realistic part instead of just exaggerating the character.

Alarcon is a Mexican caricaturist who draws regarding politics. Drew Struzan is a renowned caricaturist who earned fame in this field through the cartoon of Hollywood movies. He has penned so many Hollywood characters in a decent way. Another Latin caricaturist Gildhardho Escritor is a brand on his own. He has delivered his subconscious thoughts through this art and addressed so many moral aspects through his drawings. Other famous caricaturists include Quino from Argentina, Tom Richmond, Paddy Beohm from Deutschland, and Steve Bell from the British Kingdom.

Hiring a caricaturist at a wedding reception to draw guests has become a trend now. Couples love to bring a caricature artist to their wedding to amuse their guests and see them off with a caricature of themselves which serves as a keepsake.

An artist arrives at the event set his/her station and starts attracting guests with his/her artwork. It has been observed a long queue in front of caricaturist station at weddings as coming guests love to have their exaggerated character. There is another tradition of drawing a small caricature of the couple with the wedding date so that guests could remember that they got this from that couple’s wedding artis