How to select the best Fiverr podcast cover art

Nowadays the podcast cover is a very attractive medium for communication. The podcast cover art is the first thing that the can listener see. Then how can find the podcast cover? then solution come to mind hire freelancer designer.

We can hire a designer from the Fiverr podcast cover art:

yes! you are excited to make a podcast cover but it is necessary to keep some points in mind.
First, you should ask to your yourself! What is your podcast and who are your listeners? This Question will solve your all of the problem.

How can order from fiver:

We can easily do easily order from Fiverr. just search cover on the search bar on Fiverr. Then you can see a lot of GIG showing in searches. Now you can see the different podcast designers of different levels of Fiverr. The level two level in the searches is most reliable, level two sellers are those who do 50 orders and 2000$ earning on Fiverr.

In these different levels of podcast designers showing different cover dimensions in their packages. just select the one package and order now from Fiverr podcast cover art.

Fiverr Podcast cover art Dimension:

The podcast contains artwork is a minimum size is 1400 by 1400 and its maximum size is 3000 by 3000 in 72 dpi resolution with different file extensions, for example, JPEG, PNG, or any other recommended extension.

There are six basics elements for cover art. line, shape, texture, framing, color, type. In this way, you can define your Design style.

Best font for podcast cover art

In the cover art, the Typography matters a lot: In the cover, the font is the core of the never use a too-small font which is hard to read because your cover on the apple is represented in the 220 by 220 pixel.

A great tip from Daniel J. Lewis: Serif fonts (with “feet”), like Times New Roman, Garamond, Bodoni often have thin lines and small details that get lost or blurred at small sizes. Script fonts can be too ornate to be legible unless they’re really big (and never put a script font in all-caps!).

Use your words carefully

After selecting the professional font you have to do work on chosen of words for your podcast carefully, your podcast cover will be the title of your cover. Don’t use to many words or small font which is hard to read, if your font is small your listener can not professionally.

Because the listeners don’t have too much time to spend reading the blog description.

Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity To Podcast gave this great advice:“The easiest word to remove from your cover art can be the word ‘podcast,’ as it’s really unnecessary in your title. […] Think of ‘podcast’ as the label for your distribution method (which it actually is, technically) and not part of your title unless necessary.”

Make sure all the dimensions are perfect and otherwise your cover will not engaging the audience and lose the attraction to the audience.

Summary for How to make a thumbnail:

The cover size should be according to podcast directories.

Make your art simple and clean easy to understand. Your maximum two fonts.

Tutorial How to make cover in adobe photoshop simple steps

When someone comes to a podcast, the first impression they get from the cover artwork. There are multiple ways to make a podcast cover art but we can get a perfect cover by hiring a podcast cover art designer.

The designer make the eye catchy cover in adobe photoshop or adobe illustrator, professional designer places your image professionally and put the text in the right manner.

sometimes you have a very awesome artwork, you have a very interesting topic and you have some amazing guest which is expert in this field. That’s all matter right? I think you are missing some things if you have a bad podcast cover that is not conveying your message properly you can not engage the audience and all your work is lost. let’s talk about the process of how we can get the cover art.

Many people get a podcast logo and they are representing as covert art. But the different platforms having different dimensions for cover and many of them putting the logo in the cover art which looks unprofessional.

Your logo is one of the elements of the cover, the logo just represents the visual identity of your brand and your cover art has more than one element such as your main topic, logo, art which represent your topic, and the text maximum in two types.