how to create podcast cover art

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How to create podcast cover art and what size should podcast artwork? wondering how to create a memorable artwork podcast cover art.

Explain some facts keep in mind when you are designing the podcast cover art: Because podcast cover art is the first thing that can appeal to your listeners, if the listeners attract by the cover then they stay stunned and wait for the podcast, listen to all the podcast properly. In this article, we will learn how to create a podcast cover art keep these points in mind.

What size should podcast artwork

what size should podcast cover artwork and how to create podcast cover art – requirements for apple podcast and Spotify:

your podcast cover artwork should be in the square. Make it 3000 by 3000 pixels or the minimum dimension should be 1400 by 1400 of cover art for podcast.

Make it at 72 (Dpi), this resolution is perfect for screen, and use RGB color which is recommended. save in JPEG which is best for this.

SOME PONITS FOR AWESOME: what size should podcast artwork 

There are no hard and fast rules to create what size should podcast artwork. You need to make the cover look professional and engage the audience.

Tips for cover art: leave some spacing from the corner of sides of the image, or corner of design it will give some breathing to the listeners. This will provide ease to listeners to understand the podcast topic.

check your artwork podcast cover art: when you make a design on 1400 by1400 or 3000 by 3000 then scale your image up to 30 by30 and get a preview, make sure your podcast cover art will understand tp listeners.

Uses of fonts: Be careful in using the podcast cover art. I suggest you use 1 font for the heading and the second for the subheading, don’t use more than 2 fonts. Don’t use any font which is not easy to read. You don’t want someone to scroll past your show because they can’t read its title. don’t use too many small fonts which are not easy to read.

Storytelling: Design the cover art for the podcast in a storytelling manner, you may hire a designer or freelance designer to tell you how to create a podcast cover art, design a perfect image for you.

Overused: Don’t use the excessive use of fonts and microphones, headset, or any other elements design the image which attracts.

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