How to draw a caricature: The ultimate guide

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How to draw a caricature from a image image or a drawing of someone with exaggerated features in order to satirise the subject.  It not only serves the purpose of an exaggeration but in literature it is also defined as the simplification of some characters.

How to draw a caricature

Italians define caricature as a drawing of individuals drawn with the resemblance of animals. The word caricature means a “loaded portrait”. These are usually drawn for the purpose of entertainment.

Caricatures can be complementary and sometimes turn out to be insulting but mainly serve the purpose of entertainment and amusement. In early times were just deformities of some characters to use them as models. But over time, the concept has expanded, and now caricature art is much more than exaggerated features. Caricature art firstly succeeded in France and Italy where artists used to make the impression of the original image with little deformed characters.

The first book on caricature drawing was published in England. The First design was published in Le Charivari newspaper in February 1864. These designs are mainly used for amusement purposes or mocking someone but sometimes also represent a serious issue or political point.

In the modern era efforts have been made to automatically create caricature art using graphic designing techniques. There has been created some software for this purpose. Nowadays caricature is being formed in various styles using direct geometric distortion tools.

Caricature artist

Another advantage of being observed is that it is used for face recognition. Renowned caricature artists Brennan and Carey have suggested that designs are recognized more accurately than original photographs.

The Modern use of caricature art is entertainment. Caricature designs are used nowadays as presenting gifts to your loved ones. Caricature artists are now often seen at weddings, street fairs or any visiting spot where they make caricature designs of visitors and guests specifically and quickly. Nowadays  Caricature artists have become the attention spots of the tourists at tourism places.

For making a caricature design the character is firstly observed by the artist very keenly. Then a story is drawn out of it after observing the behaviour, experiences and attitudes of their character. After making observations these elements are exaggerated through strokes to make a story out of it.

Taking mental notes of the character before the drawing is important to understand the behavior of the character. A keen observation develops a personal opinion of the character in the mind of the artist. This also brings fun to the story.  Also, good art never fails to make a relationship between the viewer and the described story.

Caricatures are not fictional stories. In fact these are based on real personalities. There is always a real story attached with the character.  So it’s the duty of a caricaturist to design a true character and should keep a vivid difference between humour and sarcasm.  Apart from fun, the story described by the character should bring education also. This point is mainly observed while drawing caricature design pointing a serious issue or political aspect.