How to get 1 best podcast cover art

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Best podcast cover art

Now a days the podcast cover is very attractive medium to communication. The podcast cover art is the first thing which can listener see.

How can we design an attractive best podcast cover art:

yes! you are excited to make the best podcast cover but it is necessary to keep some points in mind. First, you should ask to your yourself! What is your podcast and who are your listeners? This Question will solve your all of the problem.

Requirements for best podcast cover: Limitations can make more creative. They force you to think about what you really need to convey your best podcast cover art. The very first restriction is podcast directory like Itunes, stitcher, Soundcloud, Google play. luckily all these platforms have the same requirements.

Podcast cover art Dimension:The podcast contains artwork is a minimum size is 1400 by 1400 and its maximum size is 3000 by 3000 in 72 dpi resolution with different file extensions, for example, JPEG, PNG, or any other recommended extension.

The category where the big head caricature used in all the podcasts here are some examples is in the above sections. The man in cartoon style attracts more audience as compared to simple man drawing.

caricature design and best podcast artwork

The cartoon caricature or cartoon image attracts more audience as compared to a normal portrait image. Here are details about cartoon caricature. Now we can create the cartoon caricature for the best podcast thumbnails. That’s why we can make attractive and cool podcast covers.

The Modern use of caricature art is entertainment. Caricature designs are used nowadays as presenting gifts to your loved ones. Caricature artists are now often seen at weddings, street fairs, or any visiting spot where they make caricature designs of visitors and guests specifically and quickly. Nowadays  Caricature artists have become the attention spots of the tourists at tourism places.

For making a caricature design the character is firstly observed by the artist very keenly. Then a story is drawn out of it after observing the behaviour, experiences and attitudes of their character. After making observations these elements are exaggerated through strokes to make a story out of it.

Taking mental notes of the character before the drawing is important to understand the behavior of the character. A keen observation develops a personal op

There are six basics elements for the best podcast artwork. line, shape, texture, framing, color, type. In this way you can defines your Design style.
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The cover size should be according to podcast directories: Make your art simple and clean easy to understand. Your maximum two fonts.

When someone comes to a podcast, the first impression they get from the cover artwork. There are multiple ways to make a podcast cover art but we can get a perfect cover by hiring a podcast cover art designer.

The designer makes the eye-catchy cover in adobe photoshop or adobe illustrator, professional designer places your image professionally and puts the text in the right manner.

sometimes you have a very awesome artwork, you have a very interesting topic and you have some amazing guest which is an expert in this field. That’s all matter right? I think you are missing some things if you have a bad podcast cover that is not conveying your message properly you can not engage the audience and all your work is lost. let’s talk about the process of how we can get the cover art.

inion of the character in the mind of the artist. This also brings fun to the story.  Also, good art never fails to make a relationship between the viewer and the described story.