How to make a podcast thumbnail: A ultimate guide

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Firstly, how to make a podcast thumbnail, I am giving you a simple example a book is always judged by its eye-catching cover. similarly, the best podcast artwork will attract people to watch the cover firstly then listen to the podcast properly.

today we are discussing how to make a podcast thumbnail with some tips and tricks for a successful podcast. Read all the guidelines and cross-check all the points. then posted on different platforms.

1.Get your best podcast artwork dimension right:

You have your logo and you have to understand your artwork must follow some basic requirements in terms of dimensions so that your best podcast artwork accepted by podcast cover directories ( google, iTunes, apple) Apple has the strictest requirements for podcast cover artwork.

However all the podcast directories luckily has same requirements.

here are the standard requirements for best podcast artwork.

  1. Must be minimum dimension1400 by1400 pixel resolution and maximum 3000 by 3000 pixel which is recommended.
  2. Color mode must be RGB and export in such as72 dpi.
  3. Need to exports JPG or PNG file.

Here are some examples of how to make a podcast thumbnail:

2.Check out your competitor while design in best podcast cover art

If you are confused how to make a podcast thumbnail, which is the best font for podcast cover art, then you can check your competitors in a simple way.

for example, if your podcast is around health and medicine. you check the apple podcast select the related category in the apple podcast, now you can many of your competitors here. You can get inspiration from everyone.

3. Communicate your podcast’s message:

Your best podcast artwork is firstly attracts the listener, become h click bite for you. in the designing artwork you should know your podcast cover is good enough to convey your message. your podcast cover art composition is perfect check your podcast colors attracts of not.

your podcast artwork has to visually evoke the audience to listen your podcast.

4. Keep consistent your podcast logo

This point is very important for the brand and how much you are consistent with your brand. Never underestimate this, your customer recognizes your brand with your logo, whatever it is being represented. that’s why you should use the same font, same logo, the color scheme in your best podcast cover artwork.

5. Best font for podcast cover art

In the podcast cover art, the Typography matters a lot: In the podcast cover, the font is the core of the podcast never use a too-small font which is hard to read because your podcast cover on the apple podcast is represented in the 220 by 220 pixel.

A great tip from Daniel J. Lewis: Serif fonts (with “feet”), like Times New Roman, Garamond, Bodoni often have thin lines and small details that get lost or blurred at small sizes. Script fonts can be too ornate to be legible unless they’re really big (and never put a script font in all-caps!).

6. use your words carefully

After selecting the professional font you have to do work on chosen of words for your podcast carefully, your podcast cover will be title of your podcast cover. Don’t use to many words or small font which is hard to read, if your font is small your listener can not professionally.

Because the listeners don’t have too much time to spend reading the blog description.

Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity To Podcast gave this great advice:“The easiest word to remove from your cover art can be the word ‘podcast,’ as it’s really unnecessary in your title. […] Think of ‘podcast’ as the label for your distribution method (which it actually is, technically) and not part of your title unless necessary.”

Summary for How to make a podcast thumbnail:

The podcast cover size should be according to podcast directories.

Make your art simple and clean easy to understand. Your maximum two fonts.

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