How to make the best podcast cover design

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Best podcast cover design is a very attractive medium for communication. The podcast cover art is the first thing that the can listener see.

How can we design an attractive best podcast cover Design:

yes! you are excited to make a podcast cover but it is necessary to keep some points in mind.

First, you should ask to your yourself! What is your podcast and who are your listeners? This Question will solve your all of the problem.

Here are the example of best podcast cover design

Requirements for best podcast cover:

limitation can make more creative. They force you to think about what you really need to convey your cover art. The very first restriction is podcast cover design directories like Itunes, stitcher, Soundcloud, Google play. luckily all these platforms have the same requirements.

Podcast cover Design Dimension:The podcast contains artwork is a minimum size is 1400 by 1400 and its maximum size is 3000 by 3000 in 72 dpi resolution with different file extensions, for example, JPEG, PNG, or any other recommended extension.

Typography rule for best podcast cover art

We can imagine that in cover art typography plays an important role in the design work. podcast artwork needs to look great in different sizes, small or big. In the podcast cover art don’t use more than five words. If you put a lot of text then its hard to read all the stuff.

pay attention in selecting fonts for podcast art

When adding text to your cover artwork make sure to use 4 to 5 words, make sure the fonts are properly delivering the proper message to the audience. In the podcast, the cover doesn’t use a number of fonts more than two.

Avoid overused images in podcast cover

In the podcast cover art always the art artwork shows with microphones and handset and using the imagery point often misses podcast. Podcasting in the medium where you can convey your ideas.

Be consistent in podcast cover artwork: you need to consistent on the different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Website, and other social media platform. The bigger brand is always active on the social platform. some of the podcasters don’t use their logo they use their face image to represent the brand.

Podcast cover art sizePodcast contains artwork is a minimum size is 1400 by 1400 and ist maximum size is the 3000 by 3000 in 72 dpi resolution with the different file extension, for example, JPEG, PNG or any other recommended extension.

There are six basics elements for podcast cover art. line, shape, texture, framing, color, type. In this way you can define your Design style.