How to make Mac dark mode

how to make mac dark mode

Over the last several years, the dark mode has gained popularity and is now an option in a large number of applications and operating systems. Mac is no exception, and if you use one of these computers, you can quickly switch to dark mode to give it a clean, contemporary appearance.

This post will outline six simple steps for setting up how to make Mac dark mode.

Open System Preferences in step one.

Open System Preferences to begin setting up dark mode on your Mac. You may accomplish this by choosing “System Preferences” from the dropdown menu when you click on the Apple menu in the upper left corner of your screen.

how to make mac dark mode Step two: Select “General”

Once in System Preferences, a list of icons for various settings categories will appear. The “General” symbol, which looks like a blue circle with a gear in the center, should be clicked.

how to make mac dark mode Third, choose “Dark Mode”

You may alter the appearance of your Mac using the “General” settings, which provide a number of choices. There is a selection here called “Appearance.” To enter dark mode, click the dropdown menu next to “Appearance” and choose “Dark.”

how to make mac dark mode Customize the Accent Color in Step 4

You could notice that some of the colors in the Mac’s UI have changed when you go to dark mode. Select your preferred color from the “Accent color” dropdown option to personalize the accent color for your dark mode interface. This will alter the color of the interface’s buttons, icons, and other components to match the accent color you have selected.

how to make mac dark mode Customize the Highlight Color in Step 5

You may alter the highlight color for your dark mode interface in addition to the accent color. The color that displays when you select text or other things on your Mac is known as the highlight color. Select a color you want from the “Highlight color” dropdown option to modify the highlight color.

how to make mac dark mode Enjoy Your New Dark Mode in Step 6

Once you’ve chosen your accent color and highlight color, close the System Preferences window by clicking the red “X” in the upper-left corner. You may now appreciate your Mac’s sleek and contemporary appearance since it is in dark mode.

Conclusion on how to make mac dark mode

A fast and simple approach to give your Mac a new appearance is to switch to dark mode. You may completely personalize the colors of your dark mode interface in System Preferences with only a few mouse clicks. So why not give it a go and see what you think?

Does the Mac have a keyboard shortcut for Dark Mode?

Yes, Dark Mode on the Mac has a keyboard shortcut. Here is how to apply it:

the “Command” key while holding it down.
Press the “Option” key while continuing to depress the “Command” key.
Press the “Control” key while continuing to hold down the “Command” and “Option” keys.
Press the “T” key while keeping all three keys depressed.
By doing this, you may switch between bright and dark modes on your Mac. Anytime you want to rapidly switch between the two modes without having to go to System Preferences, use this shortcut.
Dark Mode: Is it healthier for your eyes?
Depending on a few conditions, Dark Mode may be better for certain people’s eyes than normal mode.

Dark Mode is said to be better for the eyes in part because it lessens the amount of blue light your computer screen emits. Because of its short wavelength and potential for eye strain and tiredness, blue light should be avoided when possible. By showing more black pixels on your screen, Dark Mode minimizes the quantity of blue light, which may help your eyes concentrate and lessen strain from blue light.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that not everyone will find Dark Mode to be more comfortable or good for their eyes.

The stark contrast between the black backdrop and bright text may be too much for some people’s eyes, particularly if they suffer from visual problems like astigmatism or contrast sensitivity.

Reading bright text on a dark backdrop might also slow down the reading speed and increase the chance of making mistakes, according to certain research.

Overall, your own tastes and eye health will determine if Dark Mode is healthier for your eyes or not. It may be a fantastic alternative to utilize Dark Mode if you find it more comfortable and less taxing on your eyes, particularly in dimly lit areas.

It may not be the greatest choice for you, however, if you experience pain or find that it hinders your ability to read or function well. Regardless of whether you’re using Dark Mode or not, it’s always a good idea to take regular breaks and change the brightness in your surroundings to lessen eye strain.

Is skin healthier in dark mode?
The idea that Dark Mode is beneficial for skin health is not supported by scientific research. There is no evidence to support the idea that the colors utilized in Dark Mode have any effect on the health of the skin, despite the fact that blue light from computer displays has been found to possibly contribute to skin aging and damage.

It’s important to note that utilizing Dark Mode may indirectly enhance your skin in several ways. For instance, utilizing Dark Mode helps lessen eye tiredness and strain, which can cause headaches and other discomforts that might have an impact on your general well-being.

This may assist you in avoiding unneeded stress, which may result in skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Additionally, utilizing Dark Mode at night or in dimly lit areas might lessen your exposure to blue light, which has been linked to a possible disruption of the body’s normal sleep cycle.

Reducing your exposure to blue light in the evening may indirectly benefit your skin health since getting enough sleep is crucial for maintaining healthy skin because it enables the body to repair and renew skin cells.

Overall, Dark Mode may not directly promote skin health, but it might lessen eye strain and enhance sleep, which may indirectly boost skin health in general.