How to set perfect podcast cover art size

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Podcasting is a very attractive medium and podcast cover ar size design plays an important role to grab the attention of the listener. There are multiple platforms for podcasting by luckily all the platforms have the same dimension ratios. The podcast artwork is very necessary. There are three types of podcast art.

Podcast cover art size:

The podcast cover art size is very important on all the platforms. The Minimum size of the podcast cover is 1400*1400 and the minimum size is 3000*3000 pixels. In the bottom section, we add examples of podcast cover.

  1. Photographic cover art
  2. Illustrative cover art
  3. Typographic artwork

This is an example of illustrative podcast cover art. All the podcast cover art and podcast cover size are set in adobe illustrator. we can set dimensions in adobe illustrator like this for podcast cover art size thumbnail.After setting the dimension we can see the artboard is created. And we started the work on this podcast.

firstly We are doing the linework of podcast cover art, and after getting approval from the client start coloring the artwork. When the client approved the then we do all the coloring and shading in the podcast cover art size.

Here the example of final work:

The cover should reflect the idea that you are going to discuss in your podcast. So one can make it simple, funny, or artistic but the thing to notice is that it should be in a way that attracts more listeners.

Using text in podcast cover is high in practice. One can mention the topic or title. The text should be simple, readable, and short. And also using the right font style is important as it’s going to depict your feelings.  Using vibrant colors in podcast cover art will make your podcast pop up and surely stands out from all others. Warm colors associate with energy and that’s what your listeners are expecting from you.

Another technique is used nowadays while designing the cover and its storytelling. Storytelling in podcasts can make your listeners stop and listen even without using a single text in the cover art.

While designing a cover, first thing is to be clear about the topic you are going to discuss in the podcast. After evaluating that what your podcast is really about, you need to be as specific as possible.

Caricature and Cover art:

The category where the big head caricature used in all the podcasts here are some examples is in the above sections. The man in cartoon style attracts more audience as compared to simple man drawing.

The Modern use of caricature art is entertainment. Caricature designs are used nowadays as presenting gifts to your loved ones. Caricature artists are now often seen at weddings, street fairs, or any visiting spot where they make caricature designs of visitors and guests specifically and quickly. Nowadays  Caricature artists have become the attention spots of the tourists at tourism places.

For making a caricature design the character is firstly observed by the artist very keenly. Then a story is drawn out of it after observing the behaviour, experiences and attitudes of their character. After making observations these elements are exaggerated through strokes to make a story out of it.

Taking mental notes of the character before the drawing is important to understand the behavior of the character. A keen observation develops a personal opinion of the character in the mind of the artist. This also brings fun to the story.  Also, good art never fails to make a relationship between the viewer and the described story.

podcast cover art dimension:

The cover art dimension and podcast cover thumbnail are interlinked. The cover art should be in 1400 by 1400 pexals. and maximum the cover art should be 3000 by 3000. All the artwork exports in .jpg in 72 dpi. The image focal point should be clear for cover art. When artwork completed cover looks professional.

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