How much charge the perfect podcast designer for the cover

When we Talk about the importance of cover, then we are thinking about the designer. How can we find a professional Designer? There are some possibilities where we can find the podcast cover designer very easily in freelance websites.

How can find a podcast Designer:

The freelance websites such as,, are the top websites of freelance podcast designers. There are many ways you can podcast cover art using freelance websites to approach freelance cover, art makers. just spend some bucks and get a professional podcast cover.

Podcast Dimension. The podcast contains artwork is a minimum size is 1400 by 1400 and its maximum size is 3000 by 3000 in 72 dpi resolution with different file extensions, for example, JPEG, PNG, or any other recommended extension.

iTunes podcast cover art requirements

Using logos or icons of headphones or microphones in your cover art helps you in grabbing listeners while posting on other social media accounts. Though it sounds cliché it actually works. Another step is picking the style of your cover art. You can create a style according to your subject using all six basic elements of design. Draw your subject using lines and shapes but these should be in a way that should convey the idea you are going to discuss in your podcast. Add texture to your podcast but too much shading can create a mixed-up mess. So you need to avoid this. You have to limit the frame of your as per the restrictions.

iTunes podcast cover art size or iTunes podcast cover art

The minimum size of the artwork should be 1400*1400 pixels to a maximum size of 3000*3000 pixels. The format should be JPEG or PNG  with the URL ending at .jpg or .png. The resolution of the cover should be 72 dpi.  The maximum size of the file should be 512KB. Another constraint apart from the size is that your cover art should be a square frame. Though it doesn’t suit the age where widescreens and screen rotating phones are an option but you have to meet this requirement. Your cover should be in RGB colorspace.

A lot of company want to promotes their promote brands, if your goals is to reach out existing brand further, your brand is recognize from your logo, you can say that logo is the face of any brand. I do present the examples of cover art in the above section kindly check these out. Even you have to use the same images and logo same to present your brand as well.

If you are using the for personals purposes, you are the face of your brand, then use the face to drive the brand, try to use your image in the artwork. you can use a portrait image, put your text on it.

Use less words because if you are using more characters then cover art readability will be at stake. The cover art thumbnail is very small so which is hard to read.