What are the uses of professional caricature?

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A caricature is a drawing of a person or a thing with a distorted image and exaggerated features. It may render different purposes. Sometimes it turned out to be insulting and mocking someone and sometimes it’s used for complimenting. But often serves the purpose of entertainment. It usually presents the personal trait of a human being through an intentionally distorted presentation to reflect certain features or characteristics.

 The word caricature originates from an Italian verb “caricare” which means to load. The term was firstly introduced in the 17th century in France and then spread widely in Britain in the 18th century.

So basically the art is a loaded portrait made with pencil strokes or sketches.  Actually, the person’s features are drawn bigger or smaller than the actual size to make it more dramatic. Like your caricature may have a bigger nose or larger eyes or messy hair. All to create an interesting version of oneself with a Lil bit of humor.  Nowadays caricature is something more than big noses and distorted faces. The of individuals are now being drawn as resemblance with some animals.

Some software has been designed to make caricature art automatically. The formation of caricature on a computer graphic system needs different skills as compared to manually designing on paper.

big head art is tremendously using in magazines, editorial cartoons, and above all entertainment purposes. These are also used as gifts, at weddings, street fairs, and also at tourism spots. Family Caricature artists can be hired to draw specifically. They can also be found at tourism spots and attract visitors. People also invite a caricature artist to a party to draw caricatures for their guests to entertain them. Caricatures are mainly used to shove fun at politicians, celebrities, and movie stars. These have also found their application in the business where logos are designed in cartoon characters to attract and please their audience.

Cartoon art is not just a cartoon character but an illustration that may reflect a certain message. An artist is supposed to hold more power than a writer because caricature art transmits a message without using words. Cartoon caricatures are now using to convey political opinion and editorial in newspapers. So it’s just not a portrait or a character but a message delivered through visual satire. For the past few centuries, art is using to reflect human behavior.

Four types are in practice today. These include portrait, comedy, grotesque, and satire. Each mode finds some history from well-known artists from the past.

Some renowned from the past include George Cruikshank, Mort Drucker, Sir Max Beerbohm, Alex Gard, David Levine Sam Viviano, and many more. All these artists have done amazing work, developed a reputation, and enlisted their name in the list of great caricaturists. Also, there are some famous museums in the world where caricatures of renowned personalities are showcased.

How to select cartoon caricature art?

So Bubblehead art is just showcasing individual characteristics in an exaggerated way. A portrays the essence of someone in a comical way and not just who they actually are. It’s a descriptive visual art in which aspects of an individual are exaggerated.

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