How to hire the perfect Podcast cover art designer

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When we Talk about the importance of podcast covers, then we are thinking about the designer. How can we find a professional Podcast cover art Designer?

There are some possibilities where we can find podcast cover designer very easily on freelance websites.

How can find a podcast cover art Designer:

Freelance websites such as, and are the top websites of freelance podcast designers.

There are many ways you can podcast cover art using freelance websites to approach freelance podcast cover, art makers. just spend some bucks and get a professional podcast cover.

Podcast cover Dimension

The artwork is a minimum size is 1400 by 1400 and its maximum size is 3000 by 3000 in 72 dpi resolution with different file extensions, for example, JPEG, PNG, or any other recommended extension.

How can order from fiverr:

We can easily do easily order from Fiverr. just search cover art designer on the search bar on Fiverr. Then you can see a lot of GIG showing in searches. Now you can see the different designers of different levels of Fiverr. The level two level in the searches is the most reliable, level two sellers are those who do 50 orders and 2000$ earning on Fiverr.

In these different levels, designers show different podcast cover dimensions in their packages. just select one package and order now from Fiverr podcast cover art.

Why do we need a podcast cover art designer?

When someone comes to a podcast, the first impression they get is from the cover artwork. There are multiple ways to make podcast cover art but we can get a perfect cover by hiring a podcast cover art designer.

The designer makes the eye-catchy cover in adobe photoshop or adobe illustrator, professional designer places your image professionally and put the text in the right manner.

sometimes you have very awesome artwork, you have a very interesting topic and you have some amazing guest which is expert in this field. That’s all matters,s right? I think you are missing some things if you have a bad podcast cover that is not conveying your message properly you can not engage the audience and all your work is lost. let’s talk about the process of how we can get the cover art.

Many people get a podcast logo and they are represented as covert art. But the different platforms have different dimensions for the cover and many of them put the logo in the cover art which looks unprofessional.

Your logo is one of the elements of the cover, the logo just represents the visual identity of your brand and your cover art has more than one element such as your main topic, logo, art that represent your topic, and the text maximum in two types.

Does it Matter Podcast cover, art designer?

The great cover artwork, where you are putting your time and effort. Your cover artwork with a professional logo, proper sizes for different directories, eye-catchy text and font, and attractive color, Now your audience will change to 30 to 300. Agree or disagree.

First thing, you need a cover artwork in order to submit to different platforms, such as Itunes, Apple, Google, and many more.

secondly, there are thousands of other podcasters who are trying to get attention from the listeners, this is called competition to engage the audience, you don’t have catchy artwork and your competitor has professional artwork then you will get 20 and your competitor gets 3000 listeners by spending some bucks for cover art.

Now I am presenting an awesome example, when many people scroll the different artwork, then you can say that this platform is like a sea of different colors, shapes, fonts, and tricks, make yourself unique to attract the audience in the whole process.

Before placing the cover art do check the dimension requirements on the directories, most of the time dimension using is 1400 by 1400 is the minimum and a maximum of 3000 by 3000 for the standard cover artwork. these are the exact requirements for Spotify, TuneIn, and Google directories, this is a great way to reach new listeners.

The dimension specification

  1. A 1:1 ratio between 1400 by 1400, is the minimum and 3000 by 3000 is maximum
  2. Export your cover art in 72dpi
  3. The exported format should be JPEG or PNG in higher resolution.
  4. The most extension used is .jpg and .png
  5. The recommended color format is RGB

Don’t place too much content on the work of art. If you place the cover art then in a small design you cannot read all the things properly. Optimize your cover art size for all devices.

How do you make good podcast cover art?

Creating a compelling and visually appealing podcast cover art is an essential aspect of podcasting, as it’s often the first impression that a potential listener will have of your show. Here are some tips on how to create great podcast cover art:

  1. Keep it simple: Your cover art should be easily recognizable and easy to read. Avoid clutter and too many details that could confuse or overwhelm the viewer.
  2. Make it eye-catching: Use bold colors, striking imagery, and clear typography to make your cover art stand out from the crowd. Use high-quality images that are visually appealing and relevant to your podcast’s topic.
  3. Be consistent: Use consistent branding elements, such as colors, fonts, and imagery, across all your podcast’s visual assets, including cover art, website, and social media profiles.
  4. Use relevant imagery: Choose imagery that is relevant to your podcast’s topic or niche. If you’re podcasting about food, for example, your cover art could feature a plate of food or a chef’s hat.
  5. Make it legible: Choose a font that is easy to read and fits the style of your podcast. Avoid using fancy or ornate fonts that are difficult to read.
  6. Consider your audience: Keep your target audience in mind when creating your cover art. What would appeal to them and catch their attention?
  7. Test it out: Once you’ve created your cover art, get feedback from others to see if it resonates with your audience and effectively represents your podcast’s brand.

Remember, your podcast cover art is an important aspect of your podcast’s branding and marketing. Take the time to create high-quality cover art that reflects your podcast’s style, tone, and niche.

What kind of art for a podcast cover?

When it comes to creating art for your podcast cover, there are several options you can choose from, depending on your podcast’s style and content. Here are some common types of art that are often used for podcast cover art:

  1. Photography: Using a photograph for your podcast cover art can be a great way to showcase your podcast’s topic or theme visually. For example, a podcast about travel could feature a photo of a famous landmark or a scenic view.
  2. Illustration: Illustrations can be a fun and creative way to represent your podcast’s topic or theme. An illustrated cover can be hand-drawn or digitally created and can range from simple line drawings to more intricate designs.
  3. Graphic Design: Graphic design can be used to create visually striking covers using typography, shapes, and colors. This can be a great option for podcasts with a more modern or minimalist style.
  4. Collage: A collage of different images or textures can be used to create a unique and eye-catching podcast cover. This option works well for podcasts with a more eclectic or creative theme.

When choosing the type of art for your podcast cover, it’s essential to consider your audience, podcast topic, and overall branding. Ensure that the art you choose represents your podcast’s content and style and is visually appealing and easily recognizable.

What graphics do I need for a podcast?

When creating graphics for your podcast, there are several types of graphics you may need, depending on the various platforms you use to promote your podcast. Here are some examples of graphics you may need:

  1. Podcast cover art: As discussed earlier, your podcast cover art is the visual representation of your podcast and is often the first thing people see when they discover your show. This graphic should be high-quality and easily recognizable.
  2. Episode artwork: Some podcasters choose to create unique artwork for each episode to help promote the show on social media and other platforms. Episode artwork can include images, titles, and other relevant information about the episode.
  3. Social media graphics: When promoting your podcast on social media, you may need graphics such as banners, posts, or ads to catch the attention of potential listeners. These graphics should be visually appealing, use eye-catching colors and typography, and include relevant information about your podcast.
  4. Website graphics: If you have a website for your podcast, you may need graphics such as banners, buttons, and icons to help promote your show and make it easier for listeners to navigate.
  5. Branding elements: Finally, you may need branding elements such as logos, icons, and fonts to create a consistent look and feel across all your podcast’s visual assets.

Creating high-quality graphics is an essential part of promoting your podcast and can help attract new listeners and build your audience. Make sure to invest in high-quality graphics that represent your podcast’s brand and visually communicate the content and tone of your show.